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Shugetsu Manifesto

Lands ravaged, cities in ruin, so many lives sacrificed. and yet there was no other word for it but victory.

We stand today on the brink of a revolution in the Information era. With new technological advancements being achieved at a rapidly increasing pace. There's no doubt that another industry revolution will happen in a foreseeable future.

However, we are not ready for it, in a sense of mind. Being a netizen in the possibly best and worst era is a contradictory presence state. A classical question that our fellow comrades have been pursuing with great effort is "How would we start a revolution when the whole world is in sleep? "

We need more ground-breaking changes. And that's why Project Shugetsu exists.

Project Shugetsu is a worldwide community consisting of a group of young and ambitious rationalists who are willing to strive to bring changes. We are cypherpunks, exopians, futurists, whatever names would you like to call. We are the extreme outliers, always fighting on the very frontiers of the great battlefield.

We believe in the Shugetsu Ideology. In particular, It's the common principles that brought us together. It's the fundamental theoretical base that guides us for our movements.

Shugetsu is a symbol, a sign, a flagship where we unite. Also being pronounced as "Akizuki" meaning "moonlight in the fall", It's a pretty illusionary and imaginary visionary. Being the united name among us, it's the bond that marked our strength.

We must strive for our future if we expect to have any. The Shugetsu Envision is a must for our future. If no one would promise us these, then we have no choice but to ensure it will, by ourselves. "We" are borderless. Anyone who has common faith with us can be Shugetsu. As long as liberty exists, even only as concepts, The Shugetsu can not be destructed.

The future we are seeking is for everyone. If you, and you, and millions of you can be involved, it will eventually come true. Let us proceed together apace.

The whole world shall have a new birth to welcome the future.

Before that, Let's set the old reality on fire.


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Draft revised 11/11/2021 Published 01/16/2022