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Project Shugetsu

Where no magic happen.

Why Shugetsu?

"Shugetsu" (Japanese: 秋月) is a word specifically defining a scene of "the moonlight in the fall", a pretty visionary imagination. Here in Project Shugetsu, our aim is to make every wonderful dream happen.

What is Project Shugetsu?

Project Shugetsu is an interest-oriented non-profit foundation as an hypothetical brainchild of Rorical and Matrew File, founded in 2020. Here, we develop and utilize cutting-edge technology to find a best solution to the potential problem of our future.

Our main scope

  • Computer Sciences - Shugetsu Soft
  • Otaku Culture - Ftsu
  • Space Explorations - Cosmogartent
  • Data Preserving - The Archivists
  • Scientific Research - Laurasia

How to achieve this?

Project Shugetsu is a non-profit foundation. It achieves its goal by organizing sub-companies responsible for each individual scope. So far we don't have a "company" yet.

Shugetsu Ideology

Principle One

All social problems are the limitation of the technology. Innovation is the most efficient resort.

Principle Two

All human races are equal in their natural abilities and social stages. Specie is the most fundamental resemblance.

Principle Three

All creature species are equal in consuming chains. Utilization is the most natural relationship.

Principle Four

All intelligent individuals are bound to possess undeniable rights and freedoms. Well-being is the most humane preliminary.

Principle Five

All pasting present are parts of the irreversible history. Tampering is the most underestimated crime.

Shugetsu Envision

1. We believe Cyberspace Freedom and Digital Privacy are a must for every netizen.

2. We believe fundamental scientific discovery and application are crucial for productivity growth.

3. We believe a netizen-friendly culture will be admitted and admired by mainstream society.

4. We believe an irreversible and everlasting history is critical for our society to step forward.

5. We believe the infinitely expanding universe is the ultimate resort for the ever-growing human civilization.